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Vulnerable Conversations: supporting mental health at work

This workshop is an introduction to the C.L.A.M.P. behavioural change model developed by the Elite Mind research team in response to the missing skills gap to proactively support people in need and build trusted relationships with people at crisis points. It is used to upskill leaders and line managers, and to train mental health first-aiders, ambassadors and care professionals.

Unlike other ‘active listening’ workshops, this process goes much deeper than just a listening conversation, enabling both parties to collaboratively explore the barriers, limitations, and potential solutions for recovering hope. For those struggling with mental health or facing unbearable difficulties and challenges, the biggest difference is in reclaiming the individual agency to influence change for the better, with a hope for a different future. This model is designed with that in mind. It is a unique combination of behavioural change, psychology, mental health coaching and empathic enquiry in order to rebuild hope, enable agency, and equip everyone to have comfortable conversations around sensitive topics without creating risks.

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