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Manage your energy, not the Time: Neuroscience of Productivity

We all have the same number of hours in a day, but some people achieve so much more than others. What makes a difference?

The answer lies not in how well we manage our time, but how effectively we can use our energy to fuel our goals and intentions. This workshop will take you through the 4-step process of energy management for maintaining high performance and productivity without sacrificing your health and wellbeing.

First, you will learn the physical health foundations of our energy and productivity. You will learn how to adjust your sleep, rest and activity routines, diet and exercise for best results. Next, we will look into emotional resilience and self-regulation of stress, to ensure you can cope with external pressures and demands. Third, we will learn practical tools for prioritising your most important tasks, overcoming procrastination and ensuring that your actions deliver measurable results. Finally, we will look at a bigger picture, to ensure that your actions and intentions are aligned to your long-term vision, purpose and values.

This is an ultimate productivity and self-care toolkit, teaching you how to tap into neurological cycles of our body and mind for improved wellbeing, performance and sense of purpose. It can also be delivered as a series of 4 workshops, in turn addressing physical, emotional, cognitive and social levels of wellbeing.

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