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Empathy, Emotional and Cultural Intelligence

We all have inherent biases and perceptions, often leading to social exclusion, discrimination, conflict, or simple misunderstanding and awkwardness. This workshop is designed to build awareness and appreciation for individual differences, and how to navigate our physical, social, emotional, cultural and neurodiverse complexities with grace, respect, and understanding.

You will learn how our brain has evolved to perceive the difference between self and others, why social rejection is so painful, why we say things we regret when we’re angry, and how our mind creates a uniquely different reality for each individual. We will look at different social customs and cultural norms, and how to work effectively with diverse teams. We will also touch on how individuals with trauma, learning difficulties, mental illness and neurodiverse conditions experience the self and world differently, and how we create a world that’s safer and more inclusive to all.

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