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Workshops and Training

Inspire, Motivate, Build Resilience and Enable High-performance with Neuroscience-based Leadership Development

At Elite Mind, we turn cutting-edge neuroscience into transformative tools for measurable impact. Our passionate dedication is to enhance human health, wellbeing, and productivity through the power of behavioural change.

Our workshops are meticulously crafted to enhance self-awareness and bolster social skills. They are designed to empower individuals to break through psychological barriers that hinder peak performance. With Elite Mind, leaders and managers acquire practical, hands-on approaches to navigate the complexities of real-life challenges and conflicts and learn how to lead through change and uncertainty with compassion and self-care.

Our Most Popular Workshops

Neuroscience of Stress, Anxiety and Resilience

Learn how to regulate your nervous system so you can regain a sense of calm, stay in control, perform under pressure, and prevent burnout.

Vulnerable Conversations: Supporting Mental Health at Work

Going beyond mere active listening, this is a behavioural coaching tool to build confidence and safely support those who struggle.

Manage your Energy, not the Time: Neuroscience of Productivity

Master your daily habits and working routines for higher performance, so you can achieve your goals without sacrificing your health & wellbeing.

Advanced Communication Skills (6-workshop series)

This is the ultimate leadership influence toolkit to improve team collaboration, resolve conflict, and build supportive stakeholder relationships.

Empathy, Emotional and Cultural Intelligence

Build awareness and appreciation for unique, individual differences, and learn how to approach diversity with grace, respect, and understanding.

Human Needs at Work: A New Wellbeing Standard

An introduction to the new standard in organisational health to ensure effective wellbeing strategy that delivers ROI. Based on Innovate-UK-funded groundbreaking national research.

Board, Executive & Leadership Development

Each executive development workshop is crafted to meet the specific needs of your organisation, with defined impact criteria and success measures.

Leading through stressful change and restructuring

Learn how to maintain organisational performance and support people through change, while maintaining your healthy boundaries and self-care.

Brand Identity: Engineering Vision, Mission and Purpose

Design a unique toolkit for an inspiring and attractive brand that builds customer loyalty, fosters an engaging culture and aligns team behaviours.

Organisational Design for Human Sustainability and SDGs

Tap into the power of Human Centric Design to enhance organisational structure, improve alignment & communications and drive effective, sustainable operations.

Stakeholder Relationships and Conflict Resolution (case specific)

If you find yourself facing a conflict situation or a difficult employee relations case, we can help to mitigate it to prevent reputation damage or litigation cases.

Bespoke Workshops to Elevate Your Leadership Performance

If our existing workshops are not sufficient to address the specific diverse needs, people skills gaps or leadership capabilities of your workforce, Elite Mind is equipped to design a custom training journey just for you. Grounded in neurolearning and behavioural change principles, our bespoke programmes are meticulously designed to align with the distinct needs of your team and organisation.

In instances where your requirements extend beyond our direct expertise, we take pride in our thriving network of over 300 experts in human health, wellbeing, and performance. This diverse community is ready to deliver specialised workshops or one-to-one support sessions, covering a vast array of topics.

Our clients have sought our support in areas including sleep, nutrition, menopause, inclusion & diversity, grief, fertility, sexual and hormonal health, financial wellbeing, cancer, chronic illness, suicide prevention, domestic abuse, and gender change

Rest assured, each coach, therapist, consultant, and medical practitioner in our network adheres to Elite Mind’s rigorous standards of quality and ethics. We’re so confident in the calibre of our services that we offer a guarantee of results—or your money back.

Whether you aim to fill specific skill gaps with selections from our curated workshop catalogue or to commission a tailor-made programme addressing precise leadership and people skills, Elite Mind stands as your trusted partner in professional development and personal growth.

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