How do you maintain your Wellbeing, Mental Health and self-care,
while juggling the pressures and responsibilities of the crazy world we live in today?

The latest neuroscience research is here to provide us with some answers. If we want to be productive and successful without sacrificing our own wellbeing, it is not the time and to-do lists we should be managing, but our energy levels! 

Do you remember the time when you felt inspired, filled with positive energy and motivation, that enabled you to perform at a higher level and achieve so much more than you thought is possible?

You can learn how to build those performance states intentionally on daily bases. You can use it to build healthy habits, productive working routines and effective self-care practices, so you can achieve your goals without personal sacrifices

Sounds good, but HOW do you do that?!

By mastering 4 levels of Energy Management:

This involves having the right sleep, diet, rest and exercise, tailored specifically to your body. We all know the importance of this, but it’s not that easy to implement this in the reality, right? We are here to help you with that!

You might have a lot of energy, but if it is fuelled by stress, anxiety, frustration or anger, it will not get you the right results and will eventually lead to burnout. This stage involves mastering emotional regulation and your ability to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, so you can be in control of your emotions, and not another way around.

What do you focus your time and energy on, so that it delivers the biggest returns in the future? What are those key activities that will make the biggest impact in your life and work? Having clarity and a strategic plan is key to driving your success in life.

Why are you doing what you do? Where do you want to get to in life, and your career? It is important to understand your own values and motivating drivers, so you can live life with no regrets.

OK, and how exactly can I get there?

Through over a decade of research and experimentation, working with both the most successful high achievers, as well as vulnerable individuals suffering from mental health issues, we have developed proven, neuroscience-based approaches to driving high performance and ensuring individual wellbeing

Today, we are privileged to be able to open our best services to everyone, combining our training workshops, tailored wellbeing consultations, and comprehensive mental health coaching and personal development programmes, so you can choose your own journey that fits your budget and your time:  

Energy Fix

280,- + VAT

Self-care Boost

970,- + VAT

Wellbeing Reset Program

Personalised Programme guiding you to redesign your habits, routines, and mindset for performance and wellbeing (3-6 months).


3,500 + VAT

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Meet your Wellbeing Consultant​


Evelina Dzimanaviciute

Organisational Development and Wellbeing Consultant, Mental Health Coach

Evelina has been studying the neuroscience of high performance and wellbeing for over a decade and working to translate it into practical approaches that can make a difference in our daily lives and businesses.

Coming from Lithuania, a country with one of the highest suicide rates in the world, Evelina’s work is driven by a question about what makes the difference between those who can thrive and grow with stress, changes and pressure, and others, who struggle to cope with the same circumstances. 

As someone who had to build new life and career in a foreign country, where she has arrived without event speaking the language, Evelina understands the importance of resilience and the need to adapt to the changing world around us. 

Her experience of recovering from tumour and burnout has inspired her to search for better ways to achieve success without making personal sacrifices

As a founder of organisational wellbeing consultancy Elite Mind, Evelina combines her previous experiences in business development, leadership training and executive performance coaching with therapeutic practice supporting vulnerable individuals with mental health issues. 

Evelina has worked with large international organisations as well as small start-ups, while also being a sought-after speaker at global conferences and events on the topics of wellbeing, leadership, resilience, and mental health, sharing her experience, research insights and personal story. 

Evelina worked with Pret A Manger, Hilton Hotel, Wiley, Europcar, RB, SEB Group, Post Office, JCB, Pinewood Studios, Inomed, Thames Valley Fertility, British Retail Consortium, and many others. 

In response to challenges and pressures escalated by the pandemic, Evelina’s team are building an online platform and app with the mission to changing the way mental health support and wellbeing services are delivered globally to those who need the support the most. 

Evelina’s Elite Mind Academy services and training workshops are designed to equip people with practical, neuroscience-based tools that enable everyone to perform at their best, where it matters the most. 

It would be a privilege to welcome you to the Elite Mind club! 

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