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Wellbeing Strategy

 How to use Wellbeing Strategy to improve Human & Organisational Performance?

Today everyone is talking about the importance of employee wellbeing, inclusion and diversity, but most people support initiatives fail to deliver tangible ROI.

To make a difference to employees and the business, we need to move away from superficial, tick-box activities, and ensure that our company’s wellbeing is embedded into strategy, culture, and operations.

But how to do that?

Organisational wellbeing industry is an emerging field, still lacking in clear standards, benchmarks, and defined success measures, accelerated by the market demand and competition of unqualified providers.

Therefore, in 2022 Elite Mind was awarded funding to conduct a research project to discover what good looks like in organisational health & wellbeing, how to define the starting point, and how to measure the impact of our initiatives.

The result is a national framework for wellbeing strategy, with a step-by-step implementation roadmap. As experts in behavioural change and human-centric design, Elite Mind has developed a blueprint for sustainable organisational growth without hindering human health and happiness.

This webinar is your opportunity to gain insights into our research results, get your hands on this new framework and explore how to apply it to your organisation.

What you will take away from this 60-min recording:

Who should watch this?

This workshop is designed for senior leaders who are responsible for shaping people strategy and employee experience  –  C-Suite executives, heads of HR, wellbeing, R&R and ED&I. It is tailored for those who genuinely care about their people and aspire to be at the forefront of shaping the future of organisational health, wellbeing, and performance.

It is also for corporate health experts and wellbeing providers, who are interested in adding evidence and science-base to their service to become industry leaders. 

This is an introduction to a new standard shaping the future of organisational development and is not suitable for those seeking quick fixes or superficial tick-box initiatives.

Wellbeing Strategy:
Your roadmap for improving Human & Organisational Performance

Wellbeing Strategy:
Your roadmap for improving Human & Organisational Performance

What’s next?

If you found this video helpful, we would like to invite you to book your complimentary Wellbeing Strategy review with Evelina, to assess the health of your people strategy and explore how to improve the performance of your organisation.