Our Approach

Insight - Head


Diagnostic analysis to equip you with information about underlying issues, research data, market awareness and knowledge to make the right decisions.

Inspiration - Heart


Motivating mastery of emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills and a positive mindset to create empowering vision and leadership influence.

Impact - Gut


Practical toolkit for measurable improvement, effective performance, aligned behaviours, and impeccable execution of sustainable strategy.

Talent Strategy and Organisational Development

To survive in a fast-paced volatile business environment, business needs to be proactively addressing skills inefficiencies and maximise talent development. Creating successful people development often requires revisiting entire infrastructure of the organisation, from recruitment to onboarding, skills training, leadership development, competency frameworks, the wellbeing of the culture and reward schemes that will drive organisational development forward.

We offer thorough health-check of those systems at every step and work with you to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. We aim to help you to create engaging and motivating learning ecosystems via close cooperation with your internal HR and L&D professionals, supporting them to make the best decisions in a way that is aligned with your overall organisational objectives.

Our approach is very different to other management consultancies, as we do not believe in serving the organisation itself – we go much deeper, beyond established organisational structures and help you to gather intelligence about your target market, providing insights that can help shape organisational development and prepare your talent so serve the needs of the future.

We do not have pre-built, one-size-fits-all solutions – instead, our approach is built on flexible cooperation, where we also change and adapt to fit the needs of your evolving business.

We specialise in helping businesses that are going through rapid growth or disruptive restructuring to help them to align people development with the future vision and changing consumer demands. Instead of only addressing the current skills gaps and organisational inefficiencies, we take a holistic, long-term approach to ensure your leaders and L&D professionals can transform today’s challenges into new future opportunities.

Our expertise can equip you with the information about best practices across industries and different sectors, as well as the latest research and developments in HR, L&D, leadership and marketing psychology. We also have a network of professional partners who can serve the needs of your organisation that go beyond our area of speciality.

Our delivery outcomes include:

  • Analysis of existing people development and organisational learning processes with recommendations for improvement.
  • Evaluation of organisational Vision, Mission and development of strategic implementation plans to align people development processes with long-term business objectives.
  • Design of Leadership Development Competency frameworks, and organisational model for people development, expected behaviours, and measures for evaluating talent progress.

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Leadership Development

The success of growing organisations depends on our leadership capacity to realise the vision into effective strategic daily operations. The pace of change and technological innovation often creates the gap between current skills and abilities of leadership teams and the future needs of the business. Our unique, neuroscience-based leadership development and training help to effectively bridge that gap.

Our experience shows that organisation often struggle to identify what exact skills are required to develop for the future, as it is difficult to address its own blind spots internally. That’s why all our programmes now include thorough diagnostic assessments and individually tailored 360’ feedback forms to identify real development areas and unveil underlying issues. Our training and leadership development programmes are completely tailored to the unique needs and situation of each organisation and each individual we work with.

We aim to develop organisational capacity to continue your talent development for many years to come and to create a self-sustaining learning ecosystem with efficient feedback mechanisms to effectively self-correct and transform challenges into opportunities.

The full programme includes of onboarding interview with each candidate, personalised 360’ online feedback questionnaires and summary reports, fully tailored group training programme over desired period of time, CPD learning record logs and action sheets, all training manuals and materials, CPD accredited certification upon successful completion of the programme, and personal follow-up coaching session with each delegate.

Our training enables the delegates to:

  • Effectively deal with stress and pressure
  • Develop excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Lead their teams with influence and impact
  • Improve decision making, creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Improve teamwork dynamics and employee engagement
  • Translate organisational vision and mission into practical, actionable steps
  • Develop influential presenting and public speaking skills
  • Excel in sales and understand marketing psychology
  • Create customer-focused service solutions
  • Build personal resilience and improve work-life balance
  • Understand subconscious human behaviour drives
  • Hone time management skills
  • Advance project management abilities
  • Improve efficiency and productivity

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Coaching and Mentoring

Research shows that the effectiveness of formal training can be improved up to 80% if followed by 121 coaching. Often this may be a necessary step to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application.

Training can only equip leaders and managers with the necessary knowledge and ensure the transfer of already existing skills. Coaching, however, can enable the development of new skills and abilities beyond current levels of awareness, and create fertile ground for maximising individual and organisational potential.

By working with numerous clients from entry management positions to C-suite roles, we have established that common organisational issues often stem from the lack of development options for people in more senior leadership positions, and often those with the highest level of responsibility receive the least support. Our executive coaching creates valuable conditions for further growth and personal development of high performers, and in turn, creates the potential to transform the efficiency of the entire organisation from the inside out.

Continuous pressures of conflicting demands, high levels of responsibility and rapid change can often become a burden on personal life balance, physical health and mental wellbeing. Coaching can restore the equilibrium needed for ultimate performance by providing unique, personal solutions to current challenges.

We offer:

  • Executive coaching for key decision-makers to support strategic implementation of organisational objectives and enable them to lead with impact in volatile environments.
  • Personal Development Coaching for individuals on leadership development programmes to ensure successful implementation of learning objectives in practice.
  • Coaching and mentoring for any individual within the business, in need of personal support in the face of challenges, changes, or to ensure achievement of performance expectations.

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Corporate Wellbeing

We believe the future of the organisation is only as strong as the wellbeing and happiness of individuals building that future. That’s why we continuously invest in research about stress and impact of working on an individual’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Investment in high-level training creates the perception that our leaders now have all the skills needed to resolve everyday challenges and drive sustainable change. Yet, our research shows that while 35% of organisations can double their productivity and efficiency as a result of leadership development, others are often unable to maximise its full potential due to inefficient ways of working, unproductive environment, uncooperative relationships and toxic cultures. The wellbeing of your culture and organisational resilience to stress are key to healthy ROI of talent development.

Statistics around the cost of stress to our business are rather alarming. According to ACAS, the estimated cost of stress-related absences in the UK amounts to £8.4 billion each year. If we add in the cost of reduced productivity and staff replacement, some estimates amount to £30 billion each year. National Statistics of HSE (2019 data) also reports the rise in presenteeism: 83% of individuals come to work when unwell, 63% work during their holidays or time off. Work-related stress is now the largest single cause of absence responsible for 57% of all working days lost, which is over 11 million days a year.

But what if you could reinvest that cost where it will make a difference?

At Elite Mind, we believe in a holistic approach to talent development. By addressing wellbeing issues and removing the cost of stress, we can help you sustain a healthy budget to develop not only a handful of leaders but to create an engaging learning ecosystem that will support strategic organisational growth.

We run regular stress-awareness workshops, and free online training to help individuals to better deal with pressures in their working environment, as well as training for HR and L&D roles, to enable them to provide better support for vulnerable people in their organisations.

Our public talk about building resilience to stress is the most requested topic for private team events, as well as public conferences nationally and internationally.

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