Rewire Your Brain:
Exclusive Training Programme

Most of us live our lives limited by our past experiences, life events, mental health labels, and beliefs about what we can and cannot do.

But the latest neuroscience research shows that it is possible to rewire our brain for better emotional regulation, physical and mental health, efficiency and productivity.

We can learn how to better respond to challenges and changes, how to maintain supportive relationships, and how to build new habits for wellbeing and high-performance. This workshop will show you how! 


Live Interactive 4-part Online Training:  



#1 Introduction to Resilience


#2 Stress Response and Emotional Regulation


#3 Relationships and Secure attachment


#4 Knowledge into action

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What's included?

Two Free Gifts:

1. eBook: ‘7 hidden causes of Stress that sabotage your wellbeing and productivity
2. Guided Audio relaxation: ‘Back to Safety

How do we know it works?

The content of the workshop is based on the latest neuroscience and interpesonal neurobiology research that shows how to transform our wellbeing and performance from inside out.

However, most of this research stays within academic circles, not accessible to those who need it the most, and not being applied in practice.

This workshop has been created with the aim to translate this complex research into ‘human’ language and simple, practical tools to enable you to help yourself.

The tools and techniques is a collection of the best tools from Evelina’s over a decade of research and practical experimentations working with the most successful minds, as well as vulnerable individuals with mental health concerns. It combines therapeutic approaches with the best performance coaching tools available today, that have been proven to transform the lives of many individuals in exclusive 121 sessions, as well as interactive group training workshops exclusively delivered for corporate organisations as part of a wellbeing strategy.

For the first time, those tools are being made available to the public for a fraction of a cost. It is now accessible to everyone who feels stuck in their own unhelpful habits, limiting beliefs, negative mindsets, and mental health labels, and are looking for a way to regain control over their own emotional landscape.

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#1 Introduction to Resilience:

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Evelina Dzimanaviciute

Organisational Development
and Wellbeing Consultant,
Mental Health Coach

About your Trainer

Evelina Dzimanaviciute is a leading organisational development and wellbeing consultant, founder of Elite Mind, Elite Mind Academy, EMBA app and developer of MindBoost programme. She is known for her pioneering work on using brain-based coaching for mental health, and for promoting the development of responsible leadership in organisations.

Evelina came to England just over a decade ago without even speaking the language and has built a successful leadership career and several entrepreneurial projects, all while studying for a degree, raising a child, and supporting suicidal individuals. Her unique journey of adaptation, perseverance, as well as recovery from a tumour, is an inspiring story often shared on international stages and leadership events.

Coming from Lithuania, country with the highest suicide rates in the world, Evelina volunteered to help suicidal individuals and their families via Maytree charity. Evelina was struck by the difference in individual responses to adversity, different levels of resilience and ability to cope, which started her on the journey to find the answers and provide solutions to this unfair reality.

As a founder of Elite Mind and Elite Mind Academy, Evelina is on a mission to bridge the gap between business performance and individual wellbeing, to eradicate institutionalised boundaries and stigma surrounding mental health, and to empower every individual to perform at their best where it matters the most. Her unique approach to personal and professional development is based on therapeutic, neuroscience-based solutions combined with practical applications of performance coaching and organisational development.

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It is 97 GBP for all 4 worskhops (total 6 hours), learning manuals (including the one for the 1st workshop), all video recordings to keep, certification, and 2 free gifts – eBook and guided audio relaxation. 

To ensure you have a taster of it, the first workshop is free to watch, to help you to decide if this is for you. All our training courses are covered by Money-Back Guarrantee: if after attending you are sure that this had no benefit for you, contact us at hello@elitemind.co.uk and we will refund you 100% of your payment, and you can keep your free gifts.  You will have to complete our complaint and feedback form to receive your refund. 

Yes, electronic certificate of completion with 6 CPD points will be emailed to you  upon completion. Please note you must attend at least 2 sessions in person to receive a certificate. 

All workshops will be recorded, and you will receive video files for you to keep and watch at your own time. 

You can also pay for this workshop in 3 monthly instalments of 35 via this link. 

There is an option to hide your profile from the video recordings, and you will be shown how to do that before the session. You will have an option to post your questions privately to Evelina only, instead of using public mode. You can also email the trainer directly at evelina@elitemind.co.uk after the workshop, and you will receive your answers in writing. The video recorings will only be shared with your fellow attendees of the workshop, but if you had your question recorded and then decide that you dont want this to be shared, please email us and we will remove it from the video before sending to others. 

Of course! Email us at hello@elitemind.co.uk with your contact phone number and we will call you back at your convenient time. 

Yes, we can arrange discounted rates for groups of 5 or more people – please contact us at hello@elitemind.co.uk with your attendee numbers and their contact details, and we will arrange a custom payment link and event access codes for your team. For more than 20 people this workshop can be delivered separately to your organisation only.