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About the Wellbeing Compass

Work-related stress (including ill-mental health) is a leading cause of reduced workforce productivity, costing the UK economy over 26 billion a year. It accounts for over half of all absences at work, with many people transitioning to long-term sickness and disability benefits, costing employers an additional £9 billion a year. 

However, despite the increased awareness of the issue and escalation due to the pandemic, there is still a lack of practical, strategic tools that can make a measurable difference on the organisational level. 


Organisations do not have the right support in building internal organisational capacity to ensure employee health and wellbeing.


Most mental health initiatives are limited to awareness, information and short-term inspiration,  that does not translate into long-term ROI


There is a lack of KPIs to measure the impact of organisational wellbeing and mental health initiatives on an individual level.


Leadership and management do not have the right training and development to support employee mental health and deliver organisational performance without sacrificing individual wellbeing


Individuals without professional mental health training are responsible for driving employee wellbeing within the organisation, creating further risks and safeguarding breaches. 


Meet the Wellbeing Compass – the world’s first mental health psychometric assessment that measures individual wellbeing and resilience levels, identifies risks and opportunities, and directs to tailored support options and resources.  It measures 12 aspects of the individual capacity to maintain health & wellbeing within 4 categories of physical, emotional, cognitive and social wellbeing. 

What’s measured, get’s done! 

From there, it becomes possible to identify specific actions and steps to put individual health and wellbeing into their own hands and enable the organisation to create the right supportive environment where everyone can be at their best where it matters the most. It is NOT about measuring symptoms, or assigning stigmatising labels – but about preventative action and a holistic approach that measures an individual ability to take control of different areas of your life, health, and performance at work. 

It’s about self-awareness and having the right tools to utilise individual strengths and minimise organisational risks before it’s too late. 

In Ayurveda, there is a saying ‘We lose health in kilograms, and regain it in grams.’ 

Prevention is better than cure! 

Research shows that for every pound invested in employee mental health and wellbeing, the organisation receives over 5 times ROI in reduced turnover, absenteeism and presenteeism, improved retention, engagement, and productivity. 

But in order to take the right action, you need to have a system to assess your starting point and measure the progress along the way.

When you identify the specific requirements, it becomes possible to match individual and organisational needs with specific expert resources, specialist support and tailored solutions for measurable impact. 

So, let’s get started!