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We exist to bring happiness and purpose into YOUR workplace!

We spend a significant portion of our lives at work (3,515 days, to be exact, based on the UK average). The workplace can either be a source of stress and burnout or a place where we find like-minded individuals, purpose, and the key to creating our dream lifestyle. What makes the difference? We’re on a mission to find out and share our discoveries with you!

Our mission is to bridge the gap between organisational performance and individual wellbeing. We aim to break down the institutionalised boundaries surrounding mental health, empowering everyone to perform at their best when it matters most.

Elite Mind is the brainchild of our founder, Evelina. Her lifelong research into the neuroscience of resilience led her to uncover what allows some people to thrive under challenging circumstances while others struggle. Evelina’s personal journey, building a new life in a foreign country without even speaking the language, taught her the importance of adapting to our environment. However, it came at a cost. She built a successful career but sacrificed her health, family, and purpose along the way. A life-threatening tumour was her wake-up call, inspiring her to share her life lessons and academic research with you, so you and your team can end up in a better place.

In a world where our healthcare system struggles to meet growing demands, organizations must step up and contribute to the social health ecosystem. We believe in creating the right environment and conditions where every individual can reach their full potential without sacrificing personal well-being. Sadly, we often see two extremes: high-performers sacrificing personal lives for corporate profit or individuals struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, and burnout.

Elite Mind provides resources to help individuals exceed expectations without personal sacrifices. We equip organisations with neuroscience-based tools to enhance employee well-being, improve operational performance, develop effective leadership, and foster a culture of inclusivity, learning, and growth.

Meet our team

Here’s an interesting tidbit about our team: we all started as volunteers who weren’t satisfied with the lack of inclusion, wellbeing support, and work environments in our previous companies. So, we decided to build the company we wanted to be a part of. Together, we’ve measured the invisible, achieved the seemingly impossible, weathered the pandemic and personal crises, and embarked on seven business pivots. Now, we’re ready to help you build a better future.

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Co-founder | CEO
Business strategist and creative visionary from Lithuania, obsessed by human brain and behaviour. She is a rebel soul crazy enough to belief that she can change the world.
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Co-founder | Technical Director
Tech development expert from Lithuania, who spends his spare time developing games, teaching his toddlers about money and growing chilies. He’s also a winner of a national chili eating competition, so he can take the heat of building a startup.
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Director, Head of Innovation Labs
Groundbreaking engineer, who’s technology is being used worldwide to save lives of humans and robots. As a scout leader, he’s not afraid to explore the wilderness of uncharted startup territories.
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Head of Marketing & Brand Development
Our creative wizard from Serbia, who inherited his genius from his relative Nikola Tesla. As a marketing expert and brand designer, Marko is changing the world one logo at a time.
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Head of Insights & Impact
Anthropologist with special powers to read between the lines and fix broken relationships. And if her coaching is not enough, then her special salmon roast will definitely heal the soul.
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Community Coordinator
Entrepreneur at heart, using digital technology to reach those who need help the most. He’s been working since 7 years old, and refuses to believe that there are impossible things in this world.
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Psychometrician and Data Analyst
Psychologist, psychometrician and data-obsessed researcher from Turkey. With her ability to measure anything from prison safety to government policy and child intelligence, she’s a dangerous weapon at those uncertain times.
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Strategy and Insights Consultant


Events Coordinator