Building better Resilience in the face of Crisis and Uncertainty – Webinar series

Have you ever wondered why some people thrive with change and pressure, while others struggle in the same situation?

As someone who had to create a new life and business in a foreign country without even speaking the language, Evelina understands the importance of resilience and the need to adapt to changing circumstances.

Evelina spent over a decade researching the neuroscience of high performance, resilience, and wellbeing, and the series of 4 workshops has been designed to provide insights and practical tools for utiling your own mind, brain, and body to create better response to challenging circumstances.

The series of those workshops is Evelina’s donation to support Yoga for Harmony studio, with all the funds going towards maintaining the survival of the studio during challenging Covid-19 times.

Want to know what makes the difference between failure and success? Watch free Introduction webinar here:

Copyright @ Evelina Dzimanaviciute, 2020, Elite Mind Ltd

The series of the following three workshops can be purchased via Yoga for Harmony events page:

1️⃣ Building resilience to stress, anxiety, and emotional self-regulation

2️⃣ Creating the right behaviours and maintaining supportive relationships when times are tough

3️⃣ Setting goals and vision when future is uncertain

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