The Art & Science of Resilience and High Performance

As someone who had to start the new life in a foreign country without even speaking the language, I know the importance of being able to adapt to ever-changing circumstances and pressures of the modern world.

But how exactly do we do that?

Why certain people seem to be able to quickly adapt to changes and thrive with new challenges, while others end up stressed, depressed, not being able to work, or even not wanting to live?

My work is driven by a curiosity about what makes the difference in individual resilience, and how to tap into our best versions of ourselves when we need it the most.

Over one and half decades of research and practical experimentations, I have discovered it all boils down to those key attributes:

  1. Our ability to self-regulate in response to external events, such as managing our levels of stress under pressure, controlling emotional overwhelm, impulses and cravings.
  2. Our ability to align our behaviour with relevant social situations, and navigate the labyrinth of complex relationships, the hierarchy of friendships, organisational politics, social norms and professional expectations.
  3. Our ability to achieve goals, targets, and maintain high performance without sacrificing your personal wellbeing, including physical and mental health.

It all starts with awareness first – if we know better, we can do better. However, the internet today is overflowing with information, expert advice and blueprints for success.

But don’t be fooled. Knowing is not enough, we must apply. The problem is that while we think of ourselves as rational and intelligent human beings, in reality, we are driven by automatic habits, routines, impulses and subconscious processes of our much older, reptilian and mammalian parts of or brain. So even though we know better, it is not easy to replace the fat slice of chocolate cake with kale and quinoa salad, and very easy to lay on the sofa in front of the TV with a glass of wine in our hand, instead of going for a run.

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The same applies to our work and business performance. Our brain is designed for survival, saving energy, and instant rewards, and not for hard work and deliberate effort.

So how do we overcome our primal impulses, reign those cravings, unhealthy habits, and emotional outbursts?

We don’t. We need to learn how to make it work for us, not against it.

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The way we view our evolutionary heritage is a big part of the problem – our modern world tells us that our limbic, emotional parts of the brain are reactive, short-tempered, fear-driven inadequacies, that needs controlling by will. We are often being told to ‘manage our chimp’. That’s wrong. Those limbic, mammalian and reptilian parts of the brain have been around for much longer, and therefore supersedes our logical, rational thinking and verbal language in many fascinating ways. 95% of our mental processing happens beyond the boundaries of our conscious awareness, and our subconscious can process 8 billion bits of data per second. In comparison, consciously we are only able to process only about 40 bits, which is equal to two people speaking to us at the same time.

Fighting this powerful evolutionary mechanism with logic and reason is no easy task, which explains why it’s so difficult to stick to our new year’s resolutions, diets, and deliberate hard work, and why willpower and motivation can only get us so far.

So what’s the answer?

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If we want to truly perform at our best, we need to get our subconscious to do the work for us. Instead of working harder, we need to work smarter. (No, it has nothing to do with manifestations and law of attraction). The way to truly perform is to have an accurate knowledge about what drives our subconscious mind and body, so we can purposely utilise it to drive your goals, actions and intentions.

It requires building new performance habits and creating the right environment for it. It is a neurobiological machine, perfected by millions of years of evolution, and like any machine, it has to be used used for the purpose it’s been designed for. While we don’t have a user manual for our brain, I have worked passionately to translate neuroscience research into practical strategies, and today Elite Mind training, coaching, and development programmes are as close at it gets to having a how-to manual for our performance and wellbeing.

We are not at our best when we forcefully exercise our will power, but when we perform habits and routines on autopilot in a safe, familiar environment.

There are a lot of training and coaching programmes selling you blueprints for success, that only adds to the noise, and requires you to work harder, spend more time doing things you don’t like, and deliberately focusing on improving your weak spots. There are also others that provide you with all the theory and research but leaves all the implementation entirely up to you.

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coaching @ Elite Mind

My approach is different. While science and research informal what I do, but I’m hands-on, partnering with people directly, so they can perform at their best when it matters, and have support when things don’t go their way. We see vast improvements in those who apply my methods to their lives: in the way they feel, in the way they recover and learn from setbacks, and most importantly, in improved physical and mental performance that directly translates enhanced sense of wellbeing and better business outcomes.

While working with leaders and high performers, I talk to them about their habits, give them practical advice on managing their health and energy levels, engage in therapeutic process to overcome any barriers and limitations, and together we design unique approaches to cope with anything from crying newborns to public speaking, to pressure of meeting challenging targets, and delivering on stakeholder expectations.

Everyone is unique, and I work with you to develop methods and techniques elite leaders use to shape your life and business on your own terms.

What is the difference between happy high performers and the rest, average folks, forever ‘trying’ to do and be better? It’s a commitment. Commitment to ongoing improvement, learning, and practical experimentation to make it work.

Committed people know that even small, incremental changes will add up to tremendous benefits with consistent practice, and that mistakes and setbacks are a necessary part of progress.

If that sounds like you, I would love to work with you!

I am going to share with you my 90-day Stress Resilience Programme, the very method I use with elite performers. I have developed it over a decade working as a professional therapist and executive coach, acquiring knowledge from latest academic and scientific research, and testing it in business, where leadership performance and people wellbeing makes a crucial difference. Just like an athlete operates at the margins of what’s possible for human beings to achieve, I can also show you how you can work at the margins of what is possible for you to do.

How do we measure your success?

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You start your programme by completing full lifestyle diagnostics and Heart Rate Variability assessment – the latest technology that shows you accurate data about your levels of stress, quality of your sleep, recovery, physical exercise, levels of your fitness, and the relationship between biological data and your unique daily habits and routine.

You will complete self-assessments for all areas of your life before and after working together, and my every session with you is tailored to your feedback, individual needs and preferences. Together, we create the right habits, the right environment, and the right mindset required to rewire your brain for ultimate performance and resilience. While you are the master of your fate, I am here to provide you with knowledge, tools and resources to carve your own path forward. I will support you, encourage you, guide you, and teach you to take new learnings out of your experiences. And if you doubt what is possible, I will believe in you, until you do too.

It is your programme, with your results and your own measures for success. This is what others were able to accomplish:

  • Save 1-3 hours of time a day by establishing new performance habits
  • Perform under stress and pressure
  • Have energy and time to do things you love
  • Master emotional regulation to control your anxiety, stress, anger and other overwhelming emotions.
  • Create healthy eating and exercise routines that stick
  • Have a deep, restful sleep – every night!
  • Discover clarity if direction and purpose in life and business
  • Improve relationships and communication skills
  • Overcome barriers and limitations to perform to your full potential

Want to know more? Book your complimentary consultation today to discuss your requirements and options.

Together, we can do better, and feel better.

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