Evolution of Leadership -Boundless Rebooted Podcast with Richard Foster-Fletcher

''It's not what happens to us that shapes our success, but the lessons we take out of it. The same thing can happen to different people, but only some will see it as an opportunity to grow. Organizations can increase the capacity for everybody to be more resilient, so everybody can cope with more change and more challenge and find new creative ways of doing and being.” 

– Evelina Dzimanaviciute

It’s been a privilege to be a guest on Boundless Rebooted podcast with Richard Foster-Fletcher. We have talked about the role of leadership, the importance of bringing ‘your whole self’ into the business meetings (not just your head),  the role of communication in crisis situations, and much more! 

What is the Boundless Podcast?

A conversation about how we can create a brighter, more conscious tomorrow with artificial intelligence.

The Boundless podcast connects us with Rare Thinkers; leaders from the worlds of academia, business and government who are creating breakthroughs with AI, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Cognitive Science. The opportunities ahead of us, truly, are boundless. 

Listen to more of Boundless Podcasts here

Who is Richard Foster-Fletcher? 

Formally with Oracle Corporation, Richard is a graduate of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Strategy Course with the Sloan School of Management and a contributing author to the book AI: The Future of Finance published by Wiley. Richard founded Milton Keynes Artificial Intelligence (MKAI) and is the host of ‘Boundless: Designing Our Digital Future’ podcast. Richard has delivered executive programmes on AI and the future of work for leading UK learning institutions such as Henley Business School. He is a visiting lecturer in Artificial Intelligence for Cranfield School of Management and a member of the Open University Advisory Board for a number of AI funded projects.  

Connect with Richard on Linkedin.

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