How to Better Respond to Crisis and Uncertainty using Neuroscience

FREE LIVE Webinar with Evelina Dzimanaviciute: Founder of Elite Mind

On This Free Webinar You Will Learn:

  • Practical, neuroscience-based tools to instantly reduce and control levels stress and anxiety.
  • A 3-step simple process to better respond to things that are out of our control 
  • Build a positive mindset to cope with pressure and uncertainty 
  • Regain a feeling of control over difficult and challenging situations 
  • Make better decisions when the future is unpredictable 
  • Maintain supportive relationships when times are tough

For All Webinar Attendees:

This interactive free live webinar has been specifically adapted to support people by providing practical, neuroscience-based tools to cope with current coronavirus situation, prevent decline in mental health, ensure individual wellbeing and successful adaptation to change. All attendees will also have an access to my free material that has been downloaded over 10000+ times.

FREE PDF: Covid-19 survival guide – keeping SAFE and SANE 

AUDIO RELAXATION: ‘Back to safety’ – guided relaxation to reduce stress and anxiety

Who Is Evelina Dzimanaviciute

Through L&D consulting, leadership development and generative coaching provided by Elite Mind Ltd, Evelina helps executives and business owners to manage transitions, sustain exponential growth and lead with influence and purpose at the times of organisational change and uncertainty.
Evelina’s work is driven by over a decade of academic and practical research that explains the difference between individual and organisational success and failure, with the aim to translate it into practical applications to create lasting behavioural transformation and measurable progress in organisational development.

Pervious experience and clients include: Pret A Manger, Hilton, Iceland, RB, Thames Valley Fertility, Screwfix, JCB, Groupe SEB, Europcar, Pinewood Studios, Care UK, David Lloyd Leisure, Yoga for Harmony, Odeon, Vue Cinemas, many other local and international businesses, as well as mentoring start-ups.

What Others Are Saying About Evelina

Anna Wieclaw | Associate Lecturer at Middlesex University

I’m a regular attendee of research groups and university lectures by a variety of specialists, but when I participated in Evelina’s workshop I was very impressed with her knowledge and academic background. She provides lots of relevant, proven and respectable research to back up her theory, while practical tools and practices she offers are clearly underpinned by verified facts. She is highly professional, always prepared and remarkably well organised. Apart from her impressive knowledge and flawless organisational skills, Evelina has a great personality which she effectively tailors to provide high-quality workshops. I left feeling like I just found a ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ and I’m continuously using her tools ever since.

Natalie Bloomfield | Patient Engagement and Insights, EU Innovation

I attended Evelina’s Mindboost programme in 2017 and continue to benefit from the insights and personalized tips from her course. Evelina is creative, directive and people-centric.

A natural leader, Evelina’s intuition, expertise and willingness to take risks is well-positioned to help individuals looking to stretch professional and personal growth!

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