Best Practices for Working from Home – interview with Evaldas Dzimanavicius

I have recently been asked for advice and support for employees who suddenly found themselves working remotely from home:

  • How do you maintain your productivity?
  • How to maintain work/life boundaries, when you have children at home?
  • How to make sure you can maintain your physical health and fitness?
  • What are the best ways to keep ‘sane’ when working away from your team?
  • How to manage your team remotely? 

Instead of compiling yet another ‘toolkit’ or checklist, I thought it will be best to find the REAL person who has mastered working from home to perfection. I have realised I don’t have to look very far – my brother has been successfully working from home for several years now, while raising two kids, managing team remotely, climbing career ladder, and still being fit enough to run a marathon… 

So here is an exclusive interview with my brother, Evaldas Dzimanavicius, lead software developer. Enjoy, comment, share!

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