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Human Needs at Work: Introducing a new standard for organisational wellbeing

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Why Are Companies Struggling with Employee Performance?

Despite growing awareness of the importance of employee wellbeing, inclusion, and diversity, most people support initiatives still fail to deliver tangible ROI at the organisational level. Employees are leaving at unprecedented rates, the challenge of finding and retaining the right talent is escalating, and those who stay often show declining work performance, coupled with increasing demands for support and flexible working options.

Various wellness initiatives and benefits, often touted as solutions, have shown limited impact with no financial returns. Organisational wellbeing industry is an emerging field, still lacking in clear standards, benchmarks, and defined success measures, accelerated by the market demand and competition of unqualified providers. 

As experts in human health and organisational performance with nearly two decades of research experience, we stress the importance of employee value proposition aligned to the company’s long-term vision, inclusive culture, and ways of working. It is impossible to achieve a significant impact and performance improvements without embedding wellbeing into an overall strategy and operations. We can show you how. 

Employee Value Proposition Design: Key to Long-Term Sustainability

In 2022, Elite Mind received funding to bridge the gap between individual wellbeing and organisational performance. The goal of the project was to develop national guidelines and implementation frameworks for strategic organisational wellbeing, resilience, and sustainability. 

We have used this project as an opportunity to establish a benchmark for excellence, demonstrate what good looks like, and help our clients define a starting point followed by an actionable roadmap with clear success measures.

We have started by discovering unmet employee needs and expectations using Human-Centric research and then applied Ecosystemic Design to define an employee value proposition framework aligned with organisational needs, objectives, and budgets. Our consulting approach, based on strategic behavioural change, equips leaders with actionable insights and practical tools for lasting change and measurable impact. 

How to Create an Effective Wellbeing Strategy That Meets People's Needs?

For a limited time, we are offering 10 fully-funded places for eligible organisations to take part in the ‘Human Needs at Work’ workshop, offering a unique opportunity to explore the findings of our groundbreaking national research. We would like to share our framework with leaders who aspire to do more for their people than ticking a box.

By attending this workshop, you will gain insights into the most effective (and damaging) practices we have observed in employee relations and learn how to integrate inclusion, sustainability, and R&R initiatives into a comprehensive organisational performance framework.

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

This workshop is designed for senior leaders, C-Suite executives, heads of HR, wellbeing, R&B and ED&I. It is tailored for those who genuinely care about their people and aspire to be at the forefront of shaping the future of organisational health, wellbeing, and performance. 

This comprehensive training focuses on new standards set to revolutionise the future of organisational development and is not suitable for those seeking quick fixes or superficial tick-box initiatives. 

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