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Neuroscience of Stress, Anxiety and Resilience ​

This interactive workshop will equip you with a deeper understanding of our evolutionary heritage shaping our nervous system and human needs, explaining why we experience such high levels of stress and anxiety and what to do about it. This workshop combines the latest behavioural science, therapeutic approaches and performance coaching to provide you with practical tools for ensuring your wellbeing, self-care and positive mental health in the face of stressful challenges and changes.

The way we live and work is not aligned with how our mind, brain and body evolved over millions of years, creating high levels of stress, anxiety, burnout, and physical and mental illness. The pandemic and changing social and economic dynamics further exacerbate difficulties and stresses, blurring boundaries between work and life.

Achieving high performance at work and professional success doesn’t have to come at the cost of personal sacrifices, and this workshop will show you how. It will provide a safe space to reflect on how you lead your life and work today, tools to eliminate your anxiety and panic attacks, and knowledge to enable you to use external stress and pressure as a positive drive to fuel your performance and productivity.

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