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The People Partnership by Elite Mind:
All of your Wellbeing, Development and Performance needs taken care of

At Elite Mind, we firmly believe that the future of an organisation is only as robust as the wellbeing of its people. As conversations about inclusion, mental health, and psychological safety grow louder, there’s still a significant gap where the right support and guidance should be, helping translate these ideals into tangible results. That’s why we’ve introduced the People Partnership!

Your Trusted Partners in Wellbeing and Growth

Our People Partnership was born out of an Innovate UK-funded project. The project aimed to uncover unmet employee needs and design a human-centric wellbeing framework that any organisation could implement. Through our journey, we discovered that many organisations are facing overwhelming challenges. They find themselves inundated by a saturated market of well-being service providers, fatigued by the same cookie-cutter solutions, and bewildered by the absence of clear roadmaps and progress indicators.

Leaders within these organisations often lack data-driven insights to make informed decisions regarding their people. They sometimes fear confronting the unfiltered truth about what their employees truly think and feel.

The responsibility to cater to both professional and personal needs is immense! When organisations open a safe space for their employees to voice their concerns, it becomes both a business responsibility and a potential liability. Unfortunately, many organisations aren’t equipped to navigate the practical complexities of this newfound responsibility.

That’s where we come in. Our People Partnership service is designed to take the stress and uncertainty out of your wellbeing strategy. Our goal is to be your trusted partner, providing unwavering support to both you and your people, so you can focus on what truly matters. 

The Benefits

What does this service look like?

Choose one of our support partnerships below, or get a quote for a service tailored to your requirements. Subscriptions start from 250 per month and depend on the size of the business and the level of support required. We offer 10% off for annual contracts.

Plan 1:

Optional add-ons:

From 400 pcm

Plan 2:

Everything in plan 1,
(including add-ons), plus:

Optional add-ons:

From 650 pcm

Plan 3:
Stand Out

Everything in plan 2,
(including add-ons), plus:

Optional add-ons:

From 1,500 pcm

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How to get started with your Wellbeing strategy?

Download our complimentary ‘Future of Organisational Wellbeing and Mental Health report’, introducing you to the new standard for what the good looks like, how to get there, and how to measure the impact along the way.