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Episode #45: Suicide prevention at work

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8Qbj527GkM&list=PLCx8kPYKJSninSr_TNDoYRR8MElwyIQrf&index=46 Do we really have to include suicide prevention in our Wellbeing strategy? That’s a common question asked by our clients. For many companies this is still no-go zone, unless they’ve been affected by it directly. Prior to becoming consultant, for many years I have worked in mental health care, supporting suicidal individuals and their […]

Episode #8 – Identity

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU2lEoti_yw&list=PLCx8kPYKJSninSr_TNDoYRR8MElwyIQrf&index=9 This week we discuss the role of identity in shaping our health and wellbeing, and how identity can be either a hindrance or driver for your personal growth and development. Recent resources

Episode #2: Building Self-Awareness

This week we’re discussing the importance of building a person’s self-awareness about their health and wellbeing, and equipping them with the right knowledge and practical tools to make the right choices. We highlight the dilemma about measuring someone’s situation versus their level of content about it, and the difficulty in doing the right thing to […]