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Episode #4: Emotional Regulation

This time we discuss Emotional Regulation and what it takes to build and measure it.

We address some common misconceptions about how we categorise emotions as good and bad, and how we bottle them up or numb them through unhelpful coping mechanisms, instead of allowing us to engage with emotions fully.

We discuss 3 science-based approaches to self-regulation:

🔸 Top-down: a cognitive approach to self-regulation, through logic and reason

🔸Bottom-up: physical approach, through the body and somatic, sensory modification

🔸Outside-in: social and environmental approach, through human connections, touch, sound, smell, colour and physical environment.

We look at practical tools for self-regulation and how to build self-awareness, and interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to utilise emotional energy to drive our actions and intentions.

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