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Episode #36: People Analytics – What’s wrong with employee engagement surveys?

Engagements surveys is a standard HR practice, however, our research shows that most people are not being honest in their responses.

As a result, we’re basing our decisions on incorrect data, and not addressing real, underlying issues.

Very often organisations don’t know how to ask to get raw and real data.

Many don’t ask at all as they are not prepared to hear uncomfortable truth or don’t know how to support people in the right way.

How to get this right?

Welcome to Research Insights with Elite Mind Academy! Weekly live conversations between Evelina (founder and CEO) and Valentina Wright (Head of Impact and Insight) discussing topics in the Organisational Wellbeing industry that often stays behind closed doors.

This time we are discussing how to access the data about how your people really feel, and how to use it to drive behavioural change and strategic support.

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