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Episode #26: The Role of #Anger in Relationships and Social Dynamics

Listen to this episode to learn about:

🔸The role of anger and the evolutionary purpose of this powerful emotion
🔸 Triggers, automatic responses and how to regain control
🔸Anger as a source of motivation and driving force for self-protective action
🔸 Unhealthy expression of anger towards others and ourselves, and how this plays out in abusive relationships
🔸 Anger as an indicator of intrusion into our safety, our boundaries and values
🔸 Unconscious bias and how the expression of anger is a social construct
🔸 What anger has to do with toxic culture and lack of psychological safety in a working environment
🔸 Why is it OK for men to openly display anger, but not socially acceptable for women
🔸 How anger results in the lack of empathy and understanding of others’ points of view
🔸 Why is it so difficult to regulate and control anger-fuelled behaviours
🔸 How to de-escalate anger in ourselves and others
🔸The RAIN model for emotional processing (Recognise, Accept, Investigate, Nurture)

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