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Episode #25: Relationships and unmet needs

In light of Valentine’s day next week, we’re having a very vulnerable conversation about relationships, social connections and how they can provide for our needs.

We discuss:

🔸The importance of having quality connections in our life and its impact on our physical and mental health
🔸 The role of physical touch in building psychological safety, and how it relates to attachment theory
🔸The issue of sexualising physical touch
🔸How to have healthy balanced relationships to have a variety of our needs fulfilled by different social connections
🔸The warning signs of being in an abusive relationship, and ways to regain control
🔸The quality of the relationship we have with ourselves and how it translates to our ability to self-regulate, access resources, build and maintain social connections and healthy boundaries

We hope you’ll find this useful and insightful! Please share any thoughts, questions and reflections.

Most importantly, if you are in an abusive or unhealthy relationship, please reach out to us for support or more information.

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