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Episode #21: Balance and Conflicting Needs

This week week session is an in-depth discussion about:

🔸 The importance of recognising the opposite forces in our life and physical body
🔸 The impact of nervous system imbalance, and over-activation of sympathetic nervous system on our health
🔸The role of exercise, and when it can adding unhelpful
🔸The importance of rest and sleep to restore cognitive overload damage
🔸 Balancing social activities with reflective practices and introspection
🔸 How suppressed emotions manifest in increased sensitivity to triggers and psychosomatic illness
🔸How to improve relationships and social interactions by considering the needs of other people
🔸 The S. E. A. of Human Needs model, and how we have been designed by evolution to achieve our needs
🔸 Different motivating factors required to build psychological safety at work by rebalancing individual needs

…and so much more! We got carried away for nearly an hour this time 🙂 but we promise, it’s worth listening.

How balanced in your life?

What polar opposites are you trying to manage?

What needs are not being met right now?

What can you do differently?

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