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Episode #20: What is Spirituality and Why We Need It

In this episode on spirituality, we cover:

🔸What is spirituality
🔸Where it comes from, and how it evolved in our society
🔸 The benefits of spiritual practice for our self-regulation, awareness, decision making process and overall health & wellbeing.
🔸 The power of choice and how to insert the conscious ‘gap’ between trigger and automatic, emotional response.
🔸Why spirituality is such a personal journey and very different to each person.
🔸The spirituality as a process to improve our perception of the world and ourselves.
🔸 Different levels of consciousness and mind: awareness, knowledge, sensation and response.
🔸How the lack of balance and disconnect from ourselves and our needs creates mental health issues.

…and so much more!

Tune in, and share your own definition of spirituality.

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